It’s All About the Music!

While most small market radio stations get their music through a satellite service, we program our music locally, right here in our studio.

Our format is undergoing some changes. We decided to make a change for 2018. Once we got it on the air, we realized that it wasn’t quite what we thought it would be. We’re currently in a bit of a rough spot while we sort out what to keep, add and get rid of. We still have a lot of soft hits but we’re focusing on adding more upbeat music with a little more variety. Our main playlist is selected from the top 100 songs of each year from 1970 through the current year. As we’ve reviewed the music, we’ve realized that not every hit will fit our format, and we want our listeners help us select the music we play.

We’re offering you the opportunity to help us create the perfect format for our listeners. Each week we’ll be posting 10 randomly selected songs on this website and inviting you to vote on which songs you like and which ones your don’t like.

Listen and cast your vote here.

If you would like to submit a list of songs you think we should be playing or that we should remove from our playlist, you can do that here.


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